Water reflections

Ozeanographic Institute

Design as a round thing

About the project

The Hillyland design is skilfully used as a ceiling covering for the washroom in the Oceanographic Institute in Monaco. The special illumination and reflections create the impression of a reflecting water surface.

One special feature of this project is the round floor plan. The individual panels were cut exactly to the required dimensions by laser cutting. Secondly, the use of mirror-polished stainless steel maximises the reflectivity. The effect of a water surface is thus perfect.

The ingenious repeat of the 3D panels in combination with our high-precision manufacturing methods allow the joints to be reduced to a minimum. When looking at the entire surface, these are almost invisible and the impression of a continuous overall surface is thus reinforced.

Modell: Hillyland
Material: Aluminium-Vollblech, einseitig foliert
Surface: Super Mirror Nr. 8
Architect: The A Group
Measurement + Installation of the structure: SAM LGC MC BAT

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