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About the project

For the Silvapark residential development in Sennwald, the surrounding balconies were completely clad with our 3D metal facades.

Our weather-resistant metal panels, used as balcony railings, provide security in addition to their decorative function and at the same time serve to protect privacy.

The park-like development impresses with its modern architecture, which is held in bronze. A special highlight are the circular elements, which imply an additional dimension.

Model: Hillyland
Material: Aluminium perforated sheet, Rv4-6mm
Surface: Elox, C32
Bauherr: ProPublic Vorsorge Genossenschaft
Architekten: indra+scherrer architektur

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Binder Parametric Metal GmbH

Münchener Strasse 45
85123 Karlskron-Brautlach

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