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Architecture thrives on ideas that are revisited, changed, further developed or even completely reimagined at irregular intervals. In our portfolio of free-form 3D metal facade panels, you are sure to find elements of all of the above. Great aesthetics using the full potential of the material – with a flowing and continuous pattern from panel to panel.

We offer you maximum freedom of combination in terms of material, surface and colour to achieve your technical and artistic requirements for 3D facade, 3D wall or 3D ceiling cladding:

  • Solid sheet or perforated sheet
  • Aluminium, steel, stainless steel (polished, brushed or ground) or copper alloys
  • Anodising or powder coating creates harmonious finishes and provides optimum surface protection.

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Would you like to create your own unique design ideas?
We would be happy to develop entirely new patterns for your project.

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