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We supported the “On site – personal and discrete” concept with the Crumple design for the redesign of the ADAC office in Munich West.

The 3D panels in polished stainless steel Mirror No. 8 set the right accents in the office. These not only serve to attractively clad the 9 columns in the room, but also transport daylight and lighting effects into the room through the refraction of light.

With the help of the reflective effect, visitors can gain an insight and overview of the room. A transparent impression is conveyed.
Thanks to the deformations, details are not visible and the views are shadowy and discrete.

Model: Crumple
Material: Stainless steel solid polished
Client: ADAC
Photos: Lothar Reichel

3D geformte Metallverkleidung poliert für Säulen im ADAC Geschäftestelle

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