Standout design element

Kita Goldbeckchen


Wrapped in a silky gold tone

About the project

When expanding the “Goldbeckchen” day-care center in Bielefeld, part of the new building was clad with the Crumple panel model. Used primarily as a prominent design element, the weather-resistant metal facade is a nice contrast to the clinker bricks in the entrance area.

The deep-edged cassettes also underline the plasticity of the 3D-embossed metal facade. With appropriate Kant designs, they contribute to the optimal water repellency of the facade. Furthermore, extremely clean and precise connections for window/door reveals are possible.

The metal panels support the climatic regulation of the building. By installing it as a rear-ventilated curtain wall, Crumple makes its contribution to climate-friendly and energy-efficient construction.

The silky gold tone corresponds in color to the existing building. In this way, the various buildings are presented as a perceptible unit.

The edged panels are hung vertically and invisibly on the facade.

Model: Crumple
Material: Aluminum full sheet
Surface: Eloxal, gold tone E6/C32
Client: Goldbeck GmbH
Photos: © Goldbeck

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