WOLFF & MÜLLER staff restaurant

The construction company WOLFF & MÜLLER now offers a modern staff restaurant. This is part of the construction company’s headquarters and is located in the newly built B&B Hotel in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen. The walls are covered with 3D formed aluminium perforated sheets in Hillyland pattern by Binder Parametric Metal.

Thanks to perfect transitions and precise laser trimming, the panels fit together seamlessly and merge visually into an attractive overall structure. In the restaurant designed by Fischer Rüdenauer Architects, the panels not only contribute to the elegant appearance but also offer additional sound absorption due to the 3D structure and perforation.

Model: Hillyland
Material: aluminium perforated sheets, Rv 4,0 -6,0 mm
Surface: anodized, black
Developer: WOLFF & MÜLLER
Architects: Fischer Rüdenauer Architekten
Foto: ArchitekturImBILD – Bernhard Tränkle